Living Ink Kickstarter - Greeting Cards and Art made from Algae

The scientists at Living Ink Technologies in Denver Colorado have just begun a Kickstarter campaign promoting a greeting card that could revolutionize how ink is made. Their greeting card and art kits use living algae to create a time-lapse message or image that grows with exposure to sunlight. 

Living Ink Kickstarter

Using algae for ink is possibly the most novel applications I have heard of in the algae industry and one of the most feasible. There would be significant positive benefits to the environment by replacing traditional ink with an algae based ink, and Living Ink Technologies is proposing to do just that. 

Regular ink has a problem that most people don’t know about: It’s dirty, dirty stuff. Most colored pigments found in regular ink are made up of heavy metals like cadmium, copper, chromium, iron, lead, and aluminum.
— Living Ink Technologies

Checkout and support their Kickstarter right now and you will get to make your own living algae art and be one of the first people to use the ink of the future. 

Living Ink Kickstarter