Algae Education 

Algae can be a great tool for exploration in the classroom.  Investigating algae will engage students in mastering Next Generation Science Standards and allow students to develop unique experiments of their own.

Our lessons focus on teaching scientific concepts in the classroom and our algae experiment kits help to illustrate these concepts. 

Students will:

  • perform research
  • generate hypotheses
  • carry out an experiment
  • collect and analyze data
  • generate conclusions. 


Algae Education Kits

Our algae education kits guide students on how to carry out experiments, collect , Currently we have five kits that are designed to explore the following topics (Click each for more info): 

  • Pollutants in water
    • With this kit students will learn about different kinds of water pollution and how these can affect algae growth and the aquatic ecosystem. Topics covered include: point/non-point source pollution, algae blooms, toxic algae, nitrogen/phosphorous pollution, eutrophication, microscopy and data analysis. 
  • Light
    • Plants and algae require light to grow, this kit will help students understand how the availability of light can affect photosynthesis. Topics covered include: the visible light spectrum, photosynthesis, energy, resource utilization, microscopy and data analysis. 
  • Resource Availability 
  • Salinity 
  • Diversity and Competition.

Algae Education Resources

We have compiled a list of resources that will help teachers and students learn about algae. 



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Educational Algae Kits

Algae Diversity Kit

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Algae and Environmental Conditions Kit

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